B-24 Co-Pilot in WWII. Geologist, Paleontologist, NSF Program Administrator, Husband and Father.

About Kathryn Lance

Kathryn Lance and friend 
Kathryn Lance is the only surviving daughter of Johner Lance. She is a semi-retired author (50+ books), editor, and writing coach. Editing "B-24 Co-Pilot" and now presenting this online journal are labors of love; both endeavors have helped her get to know her father better. In addition to writing and editing, Kathryn devotes many hours each month to being a nature docent in her hometown, Tucson, Arizona. You can find out more about Kathryn through her website and her two other online journals.
Website: www.klance.com
Online writing journal: KL's Writing FAQ's
Online nature journal: KL's Sonoran Nature Journal